Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: Part 1

Russ and I spent all Friday afternoon prepping for the family to see our new home here in Los Alamos.  All of the hubbub made the doggies very excited, they had no idea what was going on but they were super happy!

Pirate playing under the chair with a pop bottle. We don't buy expensive dog toys very often because the dogs love to destroy cheap items, like pop bottles and cardboard boxes. :)

Russ spent his afternoon trimming the lawn and running some errands for me. I dusted, picked up doggie shrapnel (plastic bottles and cardboard pieces) and made up the air mattress for Becca.

Roxy thought it looked like the perfect place to take a nap.

Once my family had arrived in town, Russ and I packed up the puppies and drove the 45 minutes to see them in their awesome vacation house.  It was out on the top of a hill surrounded by nothing (except for a whole menagerie of wildlife). Very peaceful.

  The view from their front porch.

After everyone had explored the house and the family had rested from being in the car for 8+ hours, we all started to get very hungry.  Russ and I suggested picking up dinner from Upper Crust Pizza, an awesome restaurant we discovered when we first visited the area.  The sauce is fresh and perfectly seasoned; it's what makes the pizza so yummy!

We stuffed ourselves with pizza, salad and wine, ate some homemade brownies and enjoyed each others' company. :)

Check back later for the recap of day 2. Blessings!

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