Sunday, October 30, 2011

Four Months

Four months old and Olivia is developing such a personality!

She loves to play with her toys and putting them into her mouth. She'll hold onto her pacifier a lot of the time and, when she accidentally pulls it out of her mouth, she looks so surprised.

Bath time is so much fun! Olivia loves to kick the water and every time we put her toys in the tub, she does a little dance.

Every morning, I get her out of bed around 7 a.m. and then we go see Daddy right away because Olivia loves to grin at him in the bathroom mirror as he shaves.

She coos and babbles and shrieks a lot! It's like she is telling us the most elaborate story and, if we get distracted, she says, "pay attention!"

She hasn't rolled over yet but she can get up on her side and hang out there for a while... I think she doesn't want to roll over because being on her tummy decreases the amount of the room she can see by a lot and we're definitely at a very observant and inquisitive stage right now.

Her eyes are still super dark blue and her hair keeps getting longer and thicker. It has come in a little bit like a mohawk... my baby is such a rebel. :)  

She still loves to eat and will now happily take a bottle from her daddy. Yay! She's eating every four hours during the day. She'll sleep most nights with a stretch of 8-9 hours and then another 2-3 hours. I love our bedtime routine, it has her asleep in her bed most nights by 8 p.m. and Russ and I are in the living room hanging out.

By my guess, Olivia weighs 14.5 lbs. She wears all clothes in 3-6 months, we'll see how long it takes to outgrow those because she is such a long baby (long coming from me, hehe).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Baby

I may have jinxed myself with this title because, as I type this, Olivia sounds like she is winding up to be fussy.

But, she was very happy earlier in the day when she was playing on the play-mat. :)

Turkey Mountain

This past weekend, we took Olivia on her first hike. We went over to Turkey Mountain, a well known path in Tulsa.  Russ must have a sixth sense about him because, without knowing it, we were there at the same time as a mountain bike race. (p.s. Those folks are crazy and my husband can't do those races because they look scary.) 

Olivia enjoyed the race so much that she chose to take a nap on her Daddy's chest.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Blast from the Past

While I was at my parents' this last week, I went through my baby photo box and pulled out some of my favorite photos.

Here I am with my Papa Schoeb - isn't he handsome?  I love this picture because I can really see Olivia in it.

And, I love this photo because it shows my baby thigh rolls in all their glory.


This past week, Russ had to travel for work quite suddenly. So, Olivia, the dogs and I went to my parents' for the two nights he was gone.  It just made it so much easier because it's really hard for me to take the dogs out (on a leash because we're in an apartment) with Olivia.

Anyway, that would be why I didn't manage to get a blog post up last week. Sorry to my three or four loyal readers, here are some pictures taken at the beginning of the week. :)

Olivia using her Daddy's belt as a step. She really likes to "stand."

Skyping with Aunt B. (The orange blanket on the couch is for my dogs that like to lick their paws incessantly.)

Happy girl playing.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Something new and awesome has occurred over the last few days - We like to play. 

fuzzy phone pic
We love the mirror toy so much it is covered in spitty finger prints.

Olivia has really started to notice her toys and she is intentionally touching, batting, playing with them. 

fuzzy phone pic: this look is telling me that those arches won't be stopping her escape.

fuzzy phone pic: we were trying out our booster seat for the first time, it was a hit!

It's awesome! This is also when she will frequently start to shriek because she is having so much fun. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Holding my baby a little closer

I'm certain we've all heard about Lisa Irwin who was taken from her home during the night a week and a half ago.  This morning, Good Morning America showed some home movie clips of Lisa cooing and babbling just like my Olivia does and it broke my heart. 

I was so grateful that I was nursing her right then because all I wanted to do was hold her. Sending tons of prayers out to the search for baby Lisa.

Shrieks of Joy

In the last week or so, Olivia has begun to shriek and squeal all the time. She has been babbling and cooing for a long while now but these new noises top the decibel meter.  They're so loud!

She also likes to stomp her foot while laying on her blanket and it makes me glad we're in a first floor apartment because I'm certain our neighbors could hear it if we were above them (speaking of my neighbors, they walk like they're giants).

I've been on the phone a few times with my mom and Russ this week and Olivia has been squealing; she just wants to be an active participant in the conversation. Of course, this has led me to realize how frequently in the future I will be saying, "use your inside voice."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Picture Wall

Several weeks ago, I took advantage of a sale on ArtsCow and ordered ten 8x10s for about $5 (and that included shipping).

It is still a work-in-progress. I thought I wanted to have the center photo pop out but I'm not sure right now... Thoughts?

As a whole, I love the look of it. :)

Olivia Land pictures

Look at those dark blue-gray eyes. Beautiful.

Olivia watching Daddy play his video game.

Olivia watching me in the bathroom mirror - she loves the mirror.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fit to Serve

This last Saturday, we went to OKC to do the Fit to Serve 5k at Church of the Servant. 

Olivia moved her head but her hat and bow stayed in the same place, oops.

Russ ran the race like it was no big deal. It was only one week after the Redman, which was 70.3 miles total, and he still ran it in about 21 minutes (I'm not a runner so I can't remember the exact time, sorry).

Then he ran the course again to find me and Olivia. We were walking it with my mom, sister and godparents and we were all doing it at the "Olivia napping" pace. Very slow.

Olivia did get first in her age group and she beat me across the finish line by a booty. :)