Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Two and a quarter years old

Dear Love, you are becoming such a big girl! Every once and a while, I'll look at you and really see the girl you're becoming. Eek!

Eating whole tomatoes as soon as they turn red
Asking for hugs and kisses
playing hide-and-seek and catch me
balancing on one foot (with a little assistance)
 pony galloping 
jumping with both feet
coloring mini-pumpkins
watching/helping me cook
roaring like a lion/dinosaur
"talking" on the phone 
typing on the 'puter
watching "cur-y-ing" george
shaking her "comraca" otherwise known as a maraca 
dancing and calling out the moves

going to take a bath or shower
being overtired
being stuck in the car for too many hours
having to come inside when she's not done having fun
having her diaper changed when she's not ready

Some stories:
You were commenting on my floral bathrobe one day and said, "Momma, your robot is bee-you-tee-ful!"
One of the weekends we were in OKC, you were watching the choir at church sing and began to sway back and forth singing, "ooooooooh," with them. :)
You can count from 1-15 by memory. You haven't quite figured out how to count that many items, yet, but we'll get there. You frequently will start at one get to 15 and then immediately go back to six and continue looping six-fifteen. (It's you're very own do-loop.) 


Pumpkin painting (and, what appears to be, some bossing and finger-wagging

OKC for Russ' 8th Redman Tri

A visit from Grammie and Grandpa

End-of-summer fun

Monkey's first visit to a dance studio

Olivia isn't quite old enough to take classes at our local studio yet but she got to come explore it while I filled out some paperwork because I'm teaching a couple classes this year.