Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She's two years old!

I know this post is over a week late but we've been busy having tons of fun.

My little love, it is hard to believe that you are two years old. Still my baby but definitely not a baby any longer. You are all toddler down to the extreme love of the word "no."

This past month we've done a lot of your standard summer stuff and eaten a lot of your standard summer foods: baby pool, sprinkler, library, popsicles, yogurt, watermelon, peaches, etc. She's loved it all!

You're speaking in such complete sentences/thoughts now. You're using prepositional phrases all the time, too. You'll tell me to push the swing behind you and to sit beside you.

Other fun things you frequently say are:
"How are you doing? Doing well."
"Such pretty hair."
"Rock on!"
That's cool."
"Wub you sooo much!"
"No mommy don't talk to Daddy. Talk to Olivia."
"No owl get us." (We don't understand this one but you say it a lot.)
"aaaaaaaaaah" in a singsong voice

talking about the "camboose." (caboose on a train.)
Roxy and Pirate and asking them for hugs
using your water spray bottle to clean the windows and the floor and everything else you can get away with spraying
eating raw kale, pb&j, turkey hot dogs with ketchup, yogurt, watermelon, oranges
dancing/making "moon" arms/spinning in circles
talking about yourself in third person
going for runs and bike rides with daddy in the stroller or the trailer
playing with your friends
putting diapers on your dolls and stuffed animals

not getting someone's full attention (no matter the reason that we aren't focusing on you at the moment)
having to come inside
being overtired
having to take a bath when there is so much more to do that's not in the bathtub

Little girl, you are the light of my life and you make me smile constantly! At least two or three times a week you make me and your daddy laugh so hard that our eyes are watering. Thank you!!

Olivia's 2nd birthday was pretty stinkin' awesome!

Stretching with Daddy

The elephant needed a diaper change.

She thinks I'm hilarious. :)

Some video fun.

"Awesome!" with a thumbs up.

I love it when she covers her mouth as she laughs.

OKC Blessed

An amazing morning at the zoo!

We love watermelon! (And, Roxy will even lick up the drips.)

Celebrating the (long) life of my beloved Papa. :)

Prepping for a roadtrip