Thursday, September 20, 2012

My loves

 My friend Hillary's wedding was this past Saturday. I was a bridesmaid and that kept me super busy up until the reception began and then I, finally, got to eat some yummy food and take some pictures with my sister and Russ.

Our dogs are hilarious!

Roxy was running around with her toy and Olivia thought it was the funniest thing!

Taking an evening walk.

Olivia and the dogs love that there is an elementary school soccer field so close to home. :)

Good morning!

Just another day eating cheerios for breakfast.

Who knows...? But, she's funny and cute.

Closing the door in Momma's face

No potholders are safe in this kitchen!

Monday, September 10, 2012


She got herself stuck in an empty box in her closet. I got her out as soon as I had taken this picture. :)

Olivia's cape

Olivia is wearing her daddy's cycling wind vest as a cape.

Hillary's party

My good friend Hillary is getting married next weekend and her bachelorette party was this past Saturday. It was fun to get dressed up and spend some extra time with good friends!

I wanted a cute picture with Olivia after getting myself all put together but she was way too mesmerized with my necklace. 

The decorations.

A somewhat blurry (sorry) Hillary showing everyone her dress.

My loves. These ladies have been my very good friends since high school. We were drama and choir nerds together. :) 


I'm concerned that these two are conspiring against me.

Roxy would like to know...

Roxy would like to know why Olivia has closed herself inside the dog crate.

Kissing the baby in the mirror.

She smiles when I say, "smile!"

There are pockets in these shorts!

New skills

Olivia has a new skill: climbing up onto the furniture by herself... This business is scary, guys!