Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pathetic Puppy

Roxy doesn't like having her nails done. She puts on her most pathetic, sad look face when anything is even remotely close to her foot.

This is the face she was giving me the other evening the entire time that Russ had her foot trapped and was using the pedi-paws.... Man, those puppy dog eyes get me every time.

Amy visit!

As soon as we picked up Amy from the airport, Roxy was all over her!

We spent most of our weekend watching movies and eating yummy, gluten-free food. On Saturday, Amy and I braved the rainy weather to go exploring Los Alamos.

Our first stop was the CB Fox Department Store.

They had lots of Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations, including the "Jelly Belly Fall Festival Mix," which had something that looked brain in it (see it in the bottom left corner of the bag)....

Then we walked over to the Bradbury Science Museum and played in the puzzle room.

And had way more fun then two-college grads ever should. :)

More pics to come tomorrow!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Life Pics :)

Sometimes I feel like my super random pictures shouldn't be shared on the blog, but there are other times when I say, "what the hey!" and share on.

Russ racing through the Target parking lot like he's in middle school. (Personally, I think his cart-racing form looks superb!)

And testing out the sleeping bag he purchased for Hotter N' Hell at Target.  Roxy didn't like him hiding in there and started to bite the big orange blob.

Life's good when you're a dog and the sun is shining!

This bird took refuge under my car from a rainstorm that just kept coming. I felt sorry for it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Off He Goes

Russ left for Wichita Falls this morning for the Hotter N' Hell bike race he's doing with Stephen tomorrow.

Roxy didn't know what to do with herself as she watched him pack up the car.

We're all going to miss our boy....

Good luck with your race, honey!!!

Amy's Here!

She'll be here for the whole weekend and it is going to be AWESOME!

Here we are at Russ' graduation.

Russ is meeting up with his friend Stephen for the Hotter n' Hell bike race in Wichita Falls and Amy is coming to keep me company.

Showing our true selves with my seester, Becca.

We're going to have a fabulous weekend of watching movies, eating gluten-free food and wandering around my new town. :)

I'm so excited to have her here! It's been more than 3 months!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

What a suprise...

Russ and I had completely forgotten until recently that David Schmidley, the president of OSU for our first two years of college, is now the president of the University of New Mexico. This fact had completely escaped our brains until we saw his face one day on the early morning news.

David Schmidley
It was a definite flashback to Camp Cowboy when he came to talk to all of us upcoming freshmen five years ago. Whoa.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recycling Jungle Gym

The other day, we finally took all of our big boxes (from shelves, the elliptical, etc.) to the recycling center. Our living room felt 10x's bigger without that extra space being taken up. Woot!

In order to get the boxes into the recycling containers, we had to make them flat and Russ had to climb onto the truck and shove them into the container.

The picture that fortunately wasn't captured: me jumping up and down on one of the boxes that wouldn't break-down.... :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Los Alamos County Fair

After I finished up with the parade and Russ had gotten cleaned up from his bike ride, we went to Ashley Pond to check out the fair.

There were tons of people wandering around looking at the different booths and exhibits.

There were five bounce houses and three rafts taking kids across the pond. So awesome! This was another one of those moments when I wished I was still a kid and could go play with all the fun stuff.

This was one of my favorites! It was the booth for the local dance studio, which does full blown ballets every year. They did "Alice in Wonderland" this last spring and that's Alice's dress hanging from the right corner of the tent and the Queen's dress on the mannequin in the right corner of the pic.

This contraption was making home-made ice cream, super nifty!

And this is where I got a delicious margarita-flavored sno cone. The only bad part was that there was a lot of naked ice towards the bottom.....

Overall, lots of fun and we enjoyed getting to know the town a little bit more.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Everyone Loves a Parade!

This last weekend I helped with the Los Alamos County Parade for work and you know what they gave me!?! 

A megaphone!

I was responsible for making sure that all the participants stayed in their appropriate order as the parade began. It was very exciting! :)

Here are the few pictures I got of parade participants. (I didn't get them all because I was VERY busy talking into my megaphone. :)

The fire brigade.

Russ had gone out on bike ride instead of coming to watch with me and as soon as I saw the fire engines, I knew he'd be jealous.

The local radio station.

An Arabian horse and rider.

More horses, this time with cowboys.

Some very funny motorcyclists.

And the local theater's cast of "Suessical."

Just hearing them sing pulled at my musical lovin' heart-strings.  (Right after we moved, I did email about auditioning but I'd missed them by a couple weeks. Boo.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My dog has a crush on the neighbor girl...

Roxy loves the little girl who lives in the house behind us. As soon as she hears the girl's giggle, she will run out the doggie door straight towards the back fence.

Then she will set her happy butt down and stare longingly at her would-be playmate. Every few minutes she'll do a happy wiggle dance and continue to hope against hope that the fence will dissolve and she can go play.

Baking Cookies by Candlelight

Sunday evening, we had a big thunderstorm with lots of lightening and it caused our power to go out for about an hour and a half (which is much better than the five hours that one of the girls at work was without power).

I had just turned on the oven (it's gas powered) and was pulling the butter out of the fridge when everything flickered and then went dark.  It was just becoming dusk outside, so we still had bit of natural light but I needed my three-wick candle in order to see enough to actually make the cookies. And I had to wait for the butter to soften, since I couldn't use the microwave to hurry up the process, 
so I wandered around taking pictures. :)

Russ was using the little bit of light coming through his window to work on one of his bikes.

Roxy was staring out the doggie door. She really hates to be rained on, so all she could do was stare with distaste outside.

Once the power came back and the cookies were baked, we hunkered down to read and cuddle with our puppies.

And Roxy wanted to play a video game... Actually, she heard a noise coming from it and was so intrigued that she put her face mere inches from the screen, haha.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Puppy and Bike Love

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Here Roxy is demanding that Russ pay attention to her. She does this quite regularly and her favorite time to do it is when he's playing a video game and needs to see the TV. :)

Here he is wearing a "Ninja Turtles" shirt while cleaning one of his bikes. He sold this one and his old road bike on Craigslist over the weekend to a man from Albuquerque. The sale was made within 30 minutes of Russ posting it... it was crazy how many people were interested in the bikes!

We spent lots of time enjoying the backyard this weekend in between rain storms.  Please note the bottom left corner: unfortunately, we don't have grass, we have clover.

Friday, August 13, 2010

OKC weekend - We already miss it

Sunday was pretty low-key. We went to church and then back to my parents' for lunch.

Here's my friend Kate (we've known each other since sixth grade and for all of middle school and high school we took dance and went to church together). She actually lives in Paris, France right now and happens to be visiting home for the month of August. What a lucky coincidence!

Becca helped me wrangle my pups for a photo in my parents' backyard because, even with the triple-digit Oklahoma heat, they've made it beautiful!

They held still for this one millisecond. :)

Please excuse the yellowness of the picture, it was taken with my phone.

I love her to the end of the universe and back. AND, I need her in my life because, otherwise, I would have no idea what drink to order at Starbucks (Passion Fruit Lemonade Iced Tea).

We had missed Braum's burgers and ice cream so much. On our way into Oklahoma we grabbed dinner from Braum's and on our way out we grabbed milkshakes. :)

This is the sunset that greeted us shortly after we crossed the New Mexico state-line. God paints the sky so pretty!