Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baking Cookies by Candlelight

Sunday evening, we had a big thunderstorm with lots of lightening and it caused our power to go out for about an hour and a half (which is much better than the five hours that one of the girls at work was without power).

I had just turned on the oven (it's gas powered) and was pulling the butter out of the fridge when everything flickered and then went dark.  It was just becoming dusk outside, so we still had bit of natural light but I needed my three-wick candle in order to see enough to actually make the cookies. And I had to wait for the butter to soften, since I couldn't use the microwave to hurry up the process, 
so I wandered around taking pictures. :)

Russ was using the little bit of light coming through his window to work on one of his bikes.

Roxy was staring out the doggie door. She really hates to be rained on, so all she could do was stare with distaste outside.

Once the power came back and the cookies were baked, we hunkered down to read and cuddle with our puppies.

And Roxy wanted to play a video game... Actually, she heard a noise coming from it and was so intrigued that she put her face mere inches from the screen, haha.

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