Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Andrew and Melissa: Rehearsal

We left for the airport at 2 am Friday morning so that we would be in Albuquerque early enough for our 6 am flight.  Needless to say, we slept like the dead Friday night. :)

My parents picked us up at the airport and got us to the hotel in Minneapolis so that we could all get ready for the rehearsal dinner.  My dad, Russ and I went to the wedding rehearsal because we had a video camera and Russ could tape everything that was going on there. 

Andrew's mom (my godmom), Michele, is planning a reception in OKC in August for all of the Oklahoma people who couldn't make it to the wedding and we're going to show them the video of the wedding rehearsal/ceremony/reception.

I've known Andrew since I was born, literally, he was there at the hospital to see me in my first days. And it has been so cool to watch him and Melissa throughout the years. They met in college and when they would come back for breaks it was always so wonderful to see them together because they compliment each other so much.

This is the ring bearer, he's precious. He loves to nap in his Izzie's arms.

I was really bad about taking pictures from the rehearsal dinner because I was just having so much fun talking to everyone! Even with the flooding the rain caused to come under the tent, it was no big deal, besides, the desserts were so good that we could have all been drenched and not cared. :)

And this is what we all looked like when we got back to the hotel that night. Exhausted. But it was a great day with family and friends!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Leaving Puppies

Sorry for the absence of blog posts last week but it was a crazy and exhausting few days

Russ and I went to Minneapolis for a wedding over the weekend and that meant we had to board our puppies.  The vet that I had called and made arrangements with the week before, unfortunately, lost our reservation. We scrambled and got them into an animal hotel in Santa Fe but the emotions had taken there toll on me, I felt like the worst doggie mom in the world... (it's OK, they've both forgiven me by now.)

Russ pointed out that this means I'm going to be a basket case when we have children and have to send them to their first day of school. He's right. :)

"Dancing with the Trinity in the Mystery Beyond"

I've been the most blessed girl for such a long time. My parents couldn't choose between two different couples when I was an infant to name as my godparents, so I have two sets. They have all changed my life immeasurably.

My godmother, Marcy Gardenhire, died yesterday morning after fighting lung cancer since 2005.  She was the most incredible woman. With all the crap that came her way, she always kept her faith, her positivity and her wonderful spunkiness! :)

Marcy and her husband, my goddaddy Bob, hosted a Band of Allies party in May for her many supporters and I'm so grateful that my family was able to attend and talk to and dance with her.  She was a lit up that night. Truly the Dancing Queen. :)

When she was diagnosed my freshman year of college, it was my biggest desire that she would make it to my wedding. She did! Bob performed the ceremony and Marcy prayed for me and my bridesmaids beforehand.  What a blessing!

Marcy, I know you're having a blast in heaven "dancing with the Trinity" and that makes me smile.  Thank you for the note I received just last week, I promise to use that gift card to buy something I'll keep in my home forever and think of you every time I see it.

I'm planning on reading "The Shack" again because I want to refresh my memory and my mom was promised to get me a copy of your "Celebration" CD because there is just no possible way for me and Russ to make it home for Thursday.

I love you and miss you to the depths of my soul.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pet Peeve

Pet peeve of the day: 

Being told how young I look. 

Today, I went and got myself some much needed highlights (they look lovely, I do believe :). While I was there, the hairstylist and her friend repeatedly told me I had such a young face with tiny features that it was hard for them to believe that I was in my 20's.... I know some day I will be grateful for this but right now being told that I look like a little porcelain doll is a bit annoying and it makes me wish that I looked my age.


On a lighter note, I got new shoes today!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Recap: Bikes, Puppies and Flowers. Oh my!

Several random musings from the weekend :)
Sunday morning, Russ did his first bike race.  It was a 54 mile course with more than 4,000 feet of climbing at 7,500 feet.... I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

With all the triathlons Russ has done over the last five years, he has become a pretty proficient rider and it's exciting for me to watch him compete. :) 

Next up: a triathlon on our wedding anniversary (... I think I must love him), the Los Alamos Triathlon in August and the Oklahoma City Redman in September.

This is the rose bush that came with the house and in the last week it has exploded with blooms! I know at some point in time we'll need to trim it back, but right now I'm loving the riot of color.

Here's the other rose bush, it looks dead except for a handful of yellow roses and a bird's nest. Not sure what to do to help this one.

I grew this flower from a seed; it's the only one that's bloomed so far and I was so excited when I first saw it! Now if the rest of them would bloom, that'd be awesome!!!!

Isn't he cute cuddling with my sandals?

New Job!

It took five weeks, lots of Food Network, "Full House" re-runs and surfing the Internet but I finally got a job in Los Alamos! Woot!

Today was my first day as a business advisor for the Los Alamos Small Business Center.  Clearly, I'm not going to be helping anyone by myself for a little while but I'm ready to learn everything that I need to know. :) My job will also include helping a board of community members in creating an arts and cultural district in Los Alamos. 

All of this is so exciting and I know that I will be developing many of my skills and passions! Thank you, Jesus!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

Daddy, you're a stud! Thanks for being awesome.

Thanks for singing "Rockin' Robin" to me and letting me dance on your feet when I was little. (Follow the link, this song will put a big 'ol smile on your face.)

Thanks for telling me Princess Emiley stories (I don't think they affected my ego at all). And for teaching Becca and me the Rice Krispy jingle.

Thank you for always being supportive of my passions and dreams!

 You're the best!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I have a kitchen table!

Last night, Russ and I loaded up the dogs to go to Santa Fe and do some shopping.

Since we got most of our living room furniture on Wednesday, I've been working to arrange the room and it was time we got our kitchen table (we were getting pretty tired of eating dinner off of TV trays).

We went to World Market in the Railyard District (near REI, Russ' favorite store). I'd been looking on their Web site and found a few different options that I wanted to check out. Fortunately, they had my perfect table!

It's beautiful! Dark, heavy-duty wood with two shelves underneath.

World Market also has a huge variety of sodas, candy, snacks and wine to choose from. Yum! I know where I'm going next time I need to feed  a group of people. :)

Roxy couldn't figure out what Russ was doing when he was loading the table and stool boxes into the back of the  truck.  She had to keep her eyes on him no matter what awkward position that put her into... 

 Here's the table in our house. :) 
(Please ignore the wood wall, I'm planning on covering it with curtains.)

After getting the table, we went to REI because Russ needed a new bike... I know, I know, he has bikes (yes, plural) but his road bike, which he'd had for six years, finally bit the dust this week.  AND, of course, he needed that bike for a race this weekend... bummer.

Here he is trying out the bike at REI.
 It always amazes me how fast he can get to a sprint.

 Yay, bikes and tables!

Poor Puppies

We clearly have a problem.

My dogs can't seem to find a comfortable place to take a nap.

I wish there was a way I could help them.

Poor babies....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Furniture!!!!

Russ and I went to Albuquerque three weeks ago and purchased a living room set that was on sale for Memorial Day weekend. Part of the set was FINALLY delivered today. The set includes an L-shaped couch, a love seat, a coffee table and two side tables. 

Unfortunately, the L-shaped couch hasn't been delivered to my mountain yet because it's on back order. :(

I love the nubby khaki upholstery!

These pictures make it look like my living room is really put together, hahaha, not a prayer.  But I'm not including pictures of that. :)

Roxy and Pirate love the new seating!

Crazy puppy right after his bath. *Please ignore the green demon eyes*

Before Pirate was allowed to get on the couch, I had to give him a bath.  We ran out of doggie bath soap last weekend, so he now smells like White Citrus, yum!

Here he is taunting Roxy with the tennis ball. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


This last Saturday, Russ and I went to ChamberFest in the Main Street area of Los Alamos.  There were lots of different businesses with tables set up, a kiddie play area and two car shows (not one but TWO).

Russ loves classic cars. I like it when they come in pretty colors. :) We spent a good chunk of time looking at them.

The kiddie area had a bounce toy that blew bubbles! And, boy, the wind was blowing those bubbles with a vengeance.

I wanted to play.

After spending some time in downtown Los Alamos, we went to REI in Santa Fe to get Russ a new bike tire because he had punctured his the day before. Because bike stuff makes Russ happy, he was in a good mood and let me go shopping. :)

I went to Ross and got two dresses for under $25; one of my dresses even has pockets!

This is the face we saw shortly after arriving home.  He'd had his bath only a few hours earlier and as soon as he was allowed outside... this happened. Which of course meant his face got washed again. Life's rough.

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Friday but it's really my first Saturday!

Today, Russ begins getting every other Friday off from work. Yay, I like having him home with me! We're really excited he get's this as an option because all the Fridays we need for traveling this summer coincide with his schedule. Awesome!

This would be my new Blackberry. :) Russ and I both had to get new phones because our old provider's coverage in the Los Alamos area was terrible.  Russ had no service at work and we weren't ever able to get a hold of each other. 

We now have a new provider and new phones.  Mine is purple, you can barely see it because I have this super-duty case covering most of the prettiness. (Russ says I drop things a lot..... maybe he's right.)

In just a little while both doggies are getting baths.  Don't feel sorry for them, I know that's how they would like you to feel, but it's all an act because in reality they get lots of their favorite treats. Lucky dogs!

Here they are waiting beside the tub because the tub = treats. (Please look at how awkwardly Roxy can twist herself, she's so funny!)

This picture doesn't pertain to baths but I thought it was funny: Pirate is laying on top of Russ' cold pack, he stayed there for almost an hour.