Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Recap: Bikes, Puppies and Flowers. Oh my!

Several random musings from the weekend :)
Sunday morning, Russ did his first bike race.  It was a 54 mile course with more than 4,000 feet of climbing at 7,500 feet.... I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

With all the triathlons Russ has done over the last five years, he has become a pretty proficient rider and it's exciting for me to watch him compete. :) 

Next up: a triathlon on our wedding anniversary (... I think I must love him), the Los Alamos Triathlon in August and the Oklahoma City Redman in September.

This is the rose bush that came with the house and in the last week it has exploded with blooms! I know at some point in time we'll need to trim it back, but right now I'm loving the riot of color.

Here's the other rose bush, it looks dead except for a handful of yellow roses and a bird's nest. Not sure what to do to help this one.

I grew this flower from a seed; it's the only one that's bloomed so far and I was so excited when I first saw it! Now if the rest of them would bloom, that'd be awesome!!!!

Isn't he cute cuddling with my sandals?

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  1. Congrats to Russ on the bike race. Those are beautiful roses! No, the yellow one is not dead, just in need of serious pruning, rose food, and water. With TLC it will be great!
    Planting a seed, watching it grow and bloom is such a gift to the spirit! Love you all!