Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Friday but it's really my first Saturday!

Today, Russ begins getting every other Friday off from work. Yay, I like having him home with me! We're really excited he get's this as an option because all the Fridays we need for traveling this summer coincide with his schedule. Awesome!

This would be my new Blackberry. :) Russ and I both had to get new phones because our old provider's coverage in the Los Alamos area was terrible.  Russ had no service at work and we weren't ever able to get a hold of each other. 

We now have a new provider and new phones.  Mine is purple, you can barely see it because I have this super-duty case covering most of the prettiness. (Russ says I drop things a lot..... maybe he's right.)

In just a little while both doggies are getting baths.  Don't feel sorry for them, I know that's how they would like you to feel, but it's all an act because in reality they get lots of their favorite treats. Lucky dogs!

Here they are waiting beside the tub because the tub = treats. (Please look at how awkwardly Roxy can twist herself, she's so funny!)

This picture doesn't pertain to baths but I thought it was funny: Pirate is laying on top of Russ' cold pack, he stayed there for almost an hour.

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  1. I have the same phone! It's in purple too! The case is a good idea...I talk with my hands and was standing in Walmart talking to someone and threw my phone down the isle! I was surprised that the only damage it did was chip one of the buttons a little. Hope you guys are having lots of fun and adjusting well!