Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Andrew and Melissa: Rehearsal

We left for the airport at 2 am Friday morning so that we would be in Albuquerque early enough for our 6 am flight.  Needless to say, we slept like the dead Friday night. :)

My parents picked us up at the airport and got us to the hotel in Minneapolis so that we could all get ready for the rehearsal dinner.  My dad, Russ and I went to the wedding rehearsal because we had a video camera and Russ could tape everything that was going on there. 

Andrew's mom (my godmom), Michele, is planning a reception in OKC in August for all of the Oklahoma people who couldn't make it to the wedding and we're going to show them the video of the wedding rehearsal/ceremony/reception.

I've known Andrew since I was born, literally, he was there at the hospital to see me in my first days. And it has been so cool to watch him and Melissa throughout the years. They met in college and when they would come back for breaks it was always so wonderful to see them together because they compliment each other so much.

This is the ring bearer, he's precious. He loves to nap in his Izzie's arms.

I was really bad about taking pictures from the rehearsal dinner because I was just having so much fun talking to everyone! Even with the flooding the rain caused to come under the tent, it was no big deal, besides, the desserts were so good that we could have all been drenched and not cared. :)

And this is what we all looked like when we got back to the hotel that night. Exhausted. But it was a great day with family and friends!

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