Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Dancing with the Trinity in the Mystery Beyond"

I've been the most blessed girl for such a long time. My parents couldn't choose between two different couples when I was an infant to name as my godparents, so I have two sets. They have all changed my life immeasurably.

My godmother, Marcy Gardenhire, died yesterday morning after fighting lung cancer since 2005.  She was the most incredible woman. With all the crap that came her way, she always kept her faith, her positivity and her wonderful spunkiness! :)

Marcy and her husband, my goddaddy Bob, hosted a Band of Allies party in May for her many supporters and I'm so grateful that my family was able to attend and talk to and dance with her.  She was a lit up that night. Truly the Dancing Queen. :)

When she was diagnosed my freshman year of college, it was my biggest desire that she would make it to my wedding. She did! Bob performed the ceremony and Marcy prayed for me and my bridesmaids beforehand.  What a blessing!

Marcy, I know you're having a blast in heaven "dancing with the Trinity" and that makes me smile.  Thank you for the note I received just last week, I promise to use that gift card to buy something I'll keep in my home forever and think of you every time I see it.

I'm planning on reading "The Shack" again because I want to refresh my memory and my mom was promised to get me a copy of your "Celebration" CD because there is just no possible way for me and Russ to make it home for Thursday.

I love you and miss you to the depths of my soul.

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