Monday, June 14, 2010


This last Saturday, Russ and I went to ChamberFest in the Main Street area of Los Alamos.  There were lots of different businesses with tables set up, a kiddie play area and two car shows (not one but TWO).

Russ loves classic cars. I like it when they come in pretty colors. :) We spent a good chunk of time looking at them.

The kiddie area had a bounce toy that blew bubbles! And, boy, the wind was blowing those bubbles with a vengeance.

I wanted to play.

After spending some time in downtown Los Alamos, we went to REI in Santa Fe to get Russ a new bike tire because he had punctured his the day before. Because bike stuff makes Russ happy, he was in a good mood and let me go shopping. :)

I went to Ross and got two dresses for under $25; one of my dresses even has pockets!

This is the face we saw shortly after arriving home.  He'd had his bath only a few hours earlier and as soon as he was allowed outside... this happened. Which of course meant his face got washed again. Life's rough.

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