Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Weekend: Part 4

The plan for Sunday of Memorial Day weekend was to spend all day in Santa Fe.  Russ, Becca and I got an early start that day, but before we could leave, Becca had to a take a picture of us on our porch because my mom had forgotten to take one the day before. Cheese.
Look at the fantastically swept porch. Yep, I did that! :)

We hung out at the rental home for a little while waiting for the rest of the gang to collect themselves. 
 I like the blue.

This is the ending pose of an entire song and dance Becca performed for me because she was super hyper.
Off we went to explore the Plaza. James and Russ chose to stay behind because they aren't much on shopping or walking through endless art galleries (it was Russ' birthday so we allowed it).

Yay, Panthers!

I love sunflowers! They make me smile.

This is so much fun!

After wandering around for a while, we stopped to look at St. Francis Cathedral.  It was beautiful!
Forgive the heavenly glow coming from the open door just below the frame.

We continued to wander around the plaza finding quirky and random things to photograph.

 There's a funny story about this type of hat: When my family went to Disney World in 1991, we brought one of these hats back to James and he loved it!

 These wash clothes cracked me up. Especially, "A clean booty is a happy booty."

After meeting up with everyone for lunch, mom, Becca, Michele and I continued to explore the area. We wanted to look around San Miguel Mission, the oldest church in the United States, but they were closed for lunch.  So instead, I took pictures of the outside. :)

For dinner that night, my daddy and Larry grilled steaks.  Since it was Russ' b-day, red meat was definitely a home run! Afterward, some of us played Clue and I won the first game. :)

Winning cards!

Blessings on your Friday afternoon!

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