Sunday, July 31, 2011

Maternity Pics

I got my maternity pics!!! Amanda Scott, who did my wedding photos, took these when I was 36 weeks pregnant at Theta Pond in Stillwater.

I love these photos and I'm so grateful to Amanda!

Amanda Scott Photography - http://www.amandascottphotogra​

Cell Phone pics

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Olivia - One Month!

This first month has gone by so quickly, it's been amazing!

At one month:

Olivia eats like a champ every 3-ish hours during the day and she has one 4-5 hour stretch most nights.

She's a very good sleeper and once we figured out how to get her to sleep in her bed and not on one of our chests, it's been great.

She only wants her pacifier some of the time and when she does want it, she attacks it like she hasn't had it in years.

Olivia has a very strong neck and bobs it around while surveying her kingdom (also called Olivia Land). 

She is not a huge fan of her swing but we've managed a few good minutes in it when she was having her quiet, alert time.

Olivia is a shopping pro - she's been to the mall (for Gymboree, American Eagle and Dillards), Target, the New Balance Store, Kohls and Babies R Us.

She loves to cuddle with her daddy and would happily sleep on his chest forevermore.

No more paparazzi, please!

Friday, July 29, 2011


You may attribute this to gas...

but I don't care! Olivia loves her daddy so much!!!

She's as long as his torso!

Puppy Love

Bringing Olivia home has definitely caused the dogs to need to adjust and change to our new family member.

They were incredibly curious about her from the very beginning.

We actually decided to nickname Roxy "Nanny Roxy" because lots of times when is Olivia is wailing because of a diaper change or getting her clothes changed (this girl doesn't like being cold), Roxy will climb up on the twin bed next to her changing table to try and figure out what is causing her so much distress.

Here's a picture of Olivia's room so that you can see how close Roxy can get to the changing pad... we've definitely had to keep her from nose-diving onto it a few times.

Roxy is always interested in what Miss O is doing (she's definitely interested in her backside, haha).

But most of the time, all the dogs want to say is "living with a newborn is exhausting."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bath Time

We gave Olivia her first bath this week. I wanted to do this last week but her cord stump was really stubborn and took a long time to fall off.

She wasn't the biggest fan of it...

We're hoping she'll adjust to the idea and learn to love the water. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ChristCare Shower

My parents are in a faith sharing group that has been meeting together for six or seven years. Two couples in the group have/had children who were pregnant (me and my friend Erin) and they threw us each a baby shower. 

*note: It would have been super cool if we could have done them together because I really love Erin but our schedules just didn't allow it.

Russ and I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the group so very much! Let me just say that my parents have some pretty awesome friends who gave some pretty hilarious advice.