Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Olivia's first day

Russ and I went into the Special Care nursery first thing Friday morning and we were told that we had to wait for the pediatrician to arrive before she could leave there.  Fortunately for us, an extremely observant nurse saw our faces longing to hold our daughter and came over to take the oxygen hood off of her and swaddle her up to be held.  Most precious moment of my life.

Shortly after that, Olivia was cleared to leave and we were also told that she was super strong and has amazing infant muscle tone... For real, this kid can raise her head up for super extended time periods already. Yay!!!!

Now our day really began and all of our family got to come and see/hold our girl.

Daddy has the right touch.


Three generations of first-born Bainbridges


Aunt B


He has suggested that he be called OP (Olivia's Papa) but I think that sounds like a bad rapper name, lol.

Uncle Thomas


Group diaper changing

My dear friend, Amy. (This is a picture I took but it is from her camera, so the photo credit is her's.)

Aunt Sabrina (photo credit: Amy)

My favorites. (photo credit: Amy)

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  1. She is precious!! I'm so glad she is doing great, and you are a trooper for all those hours/days in labor!! We have the same boppy cover!!