Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moving Mess

*I'm going to put up a few posts that recap the month of June because it was a super crazy month for us and I didn't get to post about it for many reasons, including, we didn't have internet for more then half of it.

Russ and I definitely had a huge misadventure when it came to our stuff getting moved from our old home in Los Alamos to our new home in Tulsa. The moving company came and put all of our possessions in a truck on the last Friday in May and they were supposed to deliver it to our apartment eight days later on the first Saturday in June. Because of some truck maintenance issues and the driver thinking he needed a different truck to maneuver our apartment complex, our stuff ended up going to Chicago on a truck with a large hole in the roof and getting drenched in a downpour and then finally being delivered to us eight days after the original delivery date.... ugh.

A large amount of our possessions got water damage - mildew, mold, a nasty smell....

We have already settled with the moving company. No, we didn't get enough money to cover all of the damage but we would have had to hire a lawyer to pursue it further and that's too much to deal with now that we have Olivia. Besides, I'm a good bargain shopper and will make it all work. :)

On the bright side, only one item that belonged in Olivia's nursery got ruined and everything else wasn't even on the truck because it was being purchased or brought to us in Oklahoma. God is so good! 

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