Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Russ and I've been married for 2 years today! 

We've been together for so many of life's milestones:

the end of high school


moving away (9 1/2 hours away to be exact) and moving back (kinda - now, it's less then 2 hours from our parents ).

and the birth of our beautiful daughter

Russ and I are both so excited for what our future holds! 

We don't have any special plans for tonight and we're fine with that - we'll make an easy/semi-healthy dinner and then hold our baby all night long. :)

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  1. Happy Anniversary and Blessings from your parents! We are so proud of the two of you. We are excited to see and share in the adventures your future holds. Lots of love! xoxoxo