Tuesday, April 2, 2013

21 months

Olivia, you have had an awesome month for learning so many new things! I couldn't possibly begin to list all of the new words you've added to your vocabulary recently. You're talking all the time and will have lengthy conversations with us now. You love to have pretend phone conversations; frequently with Nana, Aunt B or Grammie. 

You have very sweet manners. You very consistently say, "please" and "sank you." And, you've started saying, "welcome" over the past couple weeks. You say, "'scuse me" and "sorry" with a little prompting, too. We've had a few battles of will already over apologizing but mommy has won those. :)

You love Music and Movement at the library! You really started to get into the movements and can call them out for us at home. "Hands up and down." "Airplane." "Spin." "Stomp and march."

You love:

Saying, "Hi Daddy" and "Hi Mommy" a ton of times each day.

Chocolate and candy (I blame this on your dad.)

Playing with the cupcakes in your play kitchen.

Loving on your baby dolls.

Talking about your family and friends in 'homa. You'll list Nana and Papa; Grammie and Grandpa; James, Michele and Larry; Amy; Hayley; Grand Nana; Aunt Sabrina and Uncle Thomas; Aunt B; Great Papa

Saying grace. You like it so much that sometimes we say it three of four times during a meal.

Telling us "wub you."

Giving mom, dad and both dogs lots of sweet hugs.

Asking for us to kiss any part of you that gets hurt. If we say "ouch," giving us a kiss.

Climbing up on the furniture and the toilet seat.

Going to the park to play on the slides and the swings.

Singing and dancing around.

Fruit! You still love bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, blueberries and strawberries. And, you insist on peeling your own clementine oranges.

Playing piano with Papa.

Crawling under the covers on mom and dad's bed and then asking for them to be "closed."

You dislike:

How long the drive is between Los Alamos and OKC (can't blame you). Periodically throughout our drive for our Easter visit, you would tell us "all done."

Anything that's dirty. You will ask to "wipe" or "sweep" it. (This reaction only applies to actual dirt not messy stuff... bummer.)

Having to wind down and go to bed when there is still stuff to do and people to hang out with.

Getting in and out of your carseat too many times in a short period.

Pony tails. You like to hold the pony tail holder but don't want it put in your hair.

Sweet girl, I'm so proud of the big girl you're becoming! It's terrifying to see how fast you've gone from baby to toddler right in front of my eyes. The jammies you're wearing in the picture are new from your Nana and there is something about they way they look on you that makes you look so much bigger and older. It's crazy to me! (But they are perfect because they have a monkey princess on them and that's totally you!)