Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Happy Dance

This is one of her favorite dance moves. She learned it from a less than five second clip of Zoe on Sesame Street, lol. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

22 months

Sweet Olivia, your 22nd month has been a fun one! We began it in OKC for Easter, went back to OKC three weeks later for a wedding that Daddy was a groomsmen in and finished it back at home in Los Alamos enjoying the warm weather that we've just begun to see.

This month you've loved:
saying, "dinner ready" and then serving cupcakes & water
asking for hugs
saying grace ("God is great")
singing Jesus loves me ("Bible tells me so" and "Jesus strong")
playing with your laundry basket - so far, it has held all your stuffed animals and a whole lot of our DVDs; you also like to climb inside
pointing out when we sneeze
taking bubble baths
calling everyone boys and saying, "bye boys," which is part of a song at Music and Movement
reading library books
watching Pixar movies, Veggietales, Clifford and Elmo
Eating plain peanut butter, cheddar bunnies, raisins, cheerios, cantaloupe, blueberries and raw kale
placing my hand on your back and saying, "pat"
leading us through your dance moves: arms up, touch your toes, pat your knees, clap, spin, mix it up, jump, stomp, march, wiggle your toes
playing with your baby dolls
saying, "yay!!!!" whenever any of us doing something well
trying to climb my cabinets
having your toe nails painted with glitter polish.
while holding mom and dad's hands, picking your feet up so we can swing you.
pretending just about anything you can hold by your ear is a phone
helping in the kitchen
talking about the cricket that jumped on your knee at the beginning of the month - it was a super traumatic experience but daddy made it better and helped you to take it outside and send it home
talking about the lady bug we saw by your sandbox at Grammie and Grandpa's 
asking to be tickled and asking daddy to tickle mommy
playing at the park
saying: please, thank you, no thank you, sorry, love you, bless you, sweet dreams
hugging and patting the dogs

fun fact: you can identify Yoda from a picture of him on a greeting card. :)

I love watching you learn! You're a little sponge and most of them time you only have to hear something once to be able to repeat it. You are an incredibly happy, delightful, tough, precocious, spitfire gift from God! (Your Great Papa called you a "pip" and I think that is an awesome descriptor for you!) You have a quiet, introverted side that comes out when we're in a new or overwhelming situation but, once you're comfortable, you can be the life of the party. :)

Warrior Dash!!!!

Drinking her water without a lid or a straw...

Pre-dinner ice cream courtesy of Daddy.

Stephen's wedding weekend

Olivia couldn't wait to take her nap, so she fell asleep while we were packing the car.

Visiting with my friend Marge.

The table decor at the rehearsal dinner - I think it was decorated more beautifully than a lot of weddings, lol.

Stephen and Megan getting married. (What you can't see because of the lighting is the beautiful stained glass above their heads.)

Stephen showing some of our friends his new ring.

Visiting my Papa on our way out of town.

Update: it's been more than two weeks since the wedding and Olivia is still talking about "Stephen marry Megan in 'homa." If we mention someone else getting married or who is already married, she says "Stephen." Lol. Clearly, they are the only ones allowed to get married.

We made some delicious banana bread...

Olivia tasted the baking soda, clearly, it wasn't what she expected.

Olivia has discovered play dough

Olivia's baby riding in style

The dog decided she needed a blankie

She tricked her Daddy into getting her ready to go outside. :)

The reason why there isn't anything stored on those shelves

Adding a straw to her applesauce packet was just what she needed

Helping Daddy wash the cars

Leading us in a rousing song and dance to "zip-a-dee-doo-dah"

Putting all her play food (including a slice of pizza) in her "purse"

The monkey cup needed hair