Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stephen's wedding weekend

Olivia couldn't wait to take her nap, so she fell asleep while we were packing the car.

Visiting with my friend Marge.

The table decor at the rehearsal dinner - I think it was decorated more beautifully than a lot of weddings, lol.

Stephen and Megan getting married. (What you can't see because of the lighting is the beautiful stained glass above their heads.)

Stephen showing some of our friends his new ring.

Visiting my Papa on our way out of town.

Update: it's been more than two weeks since the wedding and Olivia is still talking about "Stephen marry Megan in 'homa." If we mention someone else getting married or who is already married, she says "Stephen." Lol. Clearly, they are the only ones allowed to get married.

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