Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

This sleep sack can't stop me!

Nine Months

Well, here we are. Olivia has officially been out in the world longer than my pregnancy. Let's all pause to shed a tear.

Olivia, you are such a big girl! Long and lean. You can wear several size 12 month outfits because that's what covers your long tummy and legs. I'm grateful for the warmer months ahead because (I hope) shorts will fit you longer because we don't have to worry too much about them being too short.

You have been developing such a personality! You're a happy girl so very much of the time and when you don't want to be happy, you aren't. When we tell you "no" or do something that you don't like, you vocalize your displeasure. 

You love to explore. You will investigate every nook and cranny of our home that you can reach. You love to read/chew on your books, play with your nativity set and love on the baby in the mirror.

You move fast! There is no stopping you now that you're such a proficient crawler. All the dogs that you've been around in the last month have had to adjust accordingly. Your parents have also had to adjust our reaction time because we really don't want you dipping your hand in the dogs' water bowl or pulling a bicycle down on top of yourself.

You love to eat! Avocado is still a staple of your diet but we've become much more adventurous in the last month. You've had pieces of chicken tenders, hamburgers, American cheese, baked sweet potato fries, tortillas, kiwi, pizza crust, cheerios and TONS of yogurt.  You love to eat blueberries and aren't even the messiest baby to ever consume them.  We also tried pineapple, which you loved, but it did give you a little bit of diaper rash so we'll try those again in another month or two.

This has been an incredible month for Olivia growing and changing and I'm so grateful for pictures that remind me of what she was like just a month ago. It's crazy!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blowing raspberries

Sorry if the video is kinda soft for you but this is Olivia's newest trick. :)

Pics from the week

Beautiful sleeping girl

Checking out the contents of the fridge

Going for a walk. (Look at the those long legs!)

We love our books.

Looking out the window. (Yes, there is a ladder behind her. It is to hang our curtains when we finally have a free weekend.)

Standing on her tiptoes. 

Olivia does this chin up thing a lot. It's one of her ways that she likes to blow raspberries and she likes to smile at us when she does it, too.

And this is how she climbs down the two stairs into the living room. Inchworm-style.

Baby mirror love

Monday, March 26, 2012

Olivia loves the dogs

Roxy loves her back. Pirate tolerates her.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Well this is a first - eating dinner in the back of the car while stuck on the highway.

Uh oh.

More Baby Love

Tickling the baby

Olivia likes to give kisses.

My seester (who has hair just like Kate Middleton).

Grand Nana loves Olivia soooooo much.

Pictures with Mommy. Because this NEVER happens.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pictures from last weekend

Our lives are crazy right now, which has caused me to really slack on blog posts, very sorry.

Here are some pictures from last weekend: 

(clearly, I am the Olivia-papparazzi.)

Olivia with my parents' Jesus statue.

My mom had all four dogs and a baby clamoring for her attention.:)

Playing with her car.

Crawling off of her car.

Visiting with Marge.

Playing with Papa.

Crawling through the chair.

Examining Goddaddy James.

Loving on Michele.

Standing on the table.... Maybe I shouldn't post this picture, she might get the wrong idea about climbing on the furniture when she's bigger.... Nah, she's cute.

More car.

And, more climbing off of it.

First time at the park

My Aunt Marty has a park in her neighborhood. So, we walked over there this afternoon to play in the beautiful weather.

Swinging = unimpressed

Playing in the grass and leaves was much more interesting.