Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eight months

Olivia is eight months old.... That's three quarters of a year. Oh my.

Olivia's a very happy baby when she wants to be. She'll smile and laugh and bounce other times she can be clingy with some pretty standard baby-separation anxiety. She loves to be held and cuddled, but as she gains more independence, the duration of each of those moments has decreased. Olivia loves all of her books and she has even chewed off a little bit of the corner of one of the cardboard ones. Yum, fiber. 

All of the development over the past month pretty much blow my mind. She's all over the place now! Olivia can take herself clear across the room in a very short amount of time if given the right motivation. She loves to babble and talk to us all the time. AND, the giggling. Oh, the giggling, it just melts my heart and lights up the room. What a fun month this has been! :)

I've decided that from now on, I need a wrangler to keep Olivia on her blanket. She just loves to move and investigate everything around her, which is hindered by my need for her to contain her self within set parameters. So.... she just doesn't. :) 

Olivia has spent a lot of time practicing crawling over the last few weeks. Soon, she'll have calluses on her knees from moving so much. This has made it pretty clear how much more we need to baby proof. (We just moved apartments this last weekend and that has been a blessing and a curse when it comes to Olivia's safety.)

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