Sunday, August 25, 2013

Goodbye Colorado! You were a wonderful weekend getaway!

US Pro Cycling Challenge (plus 9k fun run)

PB&J ice cream was a hit!

We found an ice cream shop in Denver called Sweet Cow that was delicious! And, the customer service was wonderful! The employees were so wonderful to Olivia and even gave her an extra spoonful of her ice cream after she'd finished her bowl (by licking the bottom of it). 

"I'm sleepy"

The Denver Zoo was awesome (and exhausting)!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Olivia loved the fish at the aquarium!

Road trip to Denver.

Under the covers.

WHAT!!! You want me to get out from underneath the clean covers so you can make the bed? Nah. 

Tending to one of our watermelons.

I really thought her nap had been long enough.

That lion creeps me out but Olivia LOVES it.

A visit from Nana and Papa, Michele and Larry

We had a ton of fun when my parents and godparents came to visit last weekend! The county fair was going on so we got to go to the arts and crafts fair and watch the parade. Other than that, we ate well, explored Overlook and played with Olivia's toys. :)