Thursday, February 7, 2013

19 months (only a week late)

Sweet girl, you are all toddler! You are everywhere all at once and you're constantly getting little bumps and bruises in your explorations. Unfortunately, you have skin like mine and it bruises very easily.

You dealt with our drive to Los Alamos beautifully! I was so nervous but it all went really well! You've loved exploring the new house and our new backyard! And, you've been so very sweet to the workers we've had in and out fixing things around the house. I'm so grateful to God that this transition has been with as few bumps as possible.

You are learning new words every day and you can repeat me when I ask you to say something 90% of the time. You love to pretend to talk on the phone and watching you pretend has made me realize that I say, "oh, yea" and "wow" too much. But it is pretty funny because you have a slight Canadian accent when you say"oh, yea." No idea where you picked it up, I don't think it was me, at least, no one has ever told me I say those things with an accent...

Something that you've started doing this month that is so funny is when you're asking for something you always say, "please," and you'll then follow it up with a squinty (and super endearing) grin. You do this when you're asking for raisins, cheerios, water, milk, your baby doll, a pencil, etc. I love it!