Saturday, July 30, 2011

Olivia - One Month!

This first month has gone by so quickly, it's been amazing!

At one month:

Olivia eats like a champ every 3-ish hours during the day and she has one 4-5 hour stretch most nights.

She's a very good sleeper and once we figured out how to get her to sleep in her bed and not on one of our chests, it's been great.

She only wants her pacifier some of the time and when she does want it, she attacks it like she hasn't had it in years.

Olivia has a very strong neck and bobs it around while surveying her kingdom (also called Olivia Land). 

She is not a huge fan of her swing but we've managed a few good minutes in it when she was having her quiet, alert time.

Olivia is a shopping pro - she's been to the mall (for Gymboree, American Eagle and Dillards), Target, the New Balance Store, Kohls and Babies R Us.

She loves to cuddle with her daddy and would happily sleep on his chest forevermore.

No more paparazzi, please!

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