Friday, June 18, 2010

I have a kitchen table!

Last night, Russ and I loaded up the dogs to go to Santa Fe and do some shopping.

Since we got most of our living room furniture on Wednesday, I've been working to arrange the room and it was time we got our kitchen table (we were getting pretty tired of eating dinner off of TV trays).

We went to World Market in the Railyard District (near REI, Russ' favorite store). I'd been looking on their Web site and found a few different options that I wanted to check out. Fortunately, they had my perfect table!

It's beautiful! Dark, heavy-duty wood with two shelves underneath.

World Market also has a huge variety of sodas, candy, snacks and wine to choose from. Yum! I know where I'm going next time I need to feed  a group of people. :)

Roxy couldn't figure out what Russ was doing when he was loading the table and stool boxes into the back of the  truck.  She had to keep her eyes on him no matter what awkward position that put her into... 

 Here's the table in our house. :) 
(Please ignore the wood wall, I'm planning on covering it with curtains.)

After getting the table, we went to REI because Russ needed a new bike... I know, I know, he has bikes (yes, plural) but his road bike, which he'd had for six years, finally bit the dust this week.  AND, of course, he needed that bike for a race this weekend... bummer.

Here he is trying out the bike at REI.
 It always amazes me how fast he can get to a sprint.

 Yay, bikes and tables!

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