Monday, June 21, 2010

New Job!

It took five weeks, lots of Food Network, "Full House" re-runs and surfing the Internet but I finally got a job in Los Alamos! Woot!

Today was my first day as a business advisor for the Los Alamos Small Business Center.  Clearly, I'm not going to be helping anyone by myself for a little while but I'm ready to learn everything that I need to know. :) My job will also include helping a board of community members in creating an arts and cultural district in Los Alamos. 

All of this is so exciting and I know that I will be developing many of my skills and passions! Thank you, Jesus!!!!


  1. Once again, we are soooo proud of you!! Los Alamos is so blessed to have you living in its community! Way to go, Em! and Russ! xoxo

  2. you're going to be GREAT in this position, i just know it. you'll see where they should grow and develop. you're imagination and creativity will be great for that town!

  3. How exciting! You would never have appreciated THIS job as much as you do now unless you had been in THAT job here in OKC first. God answered your prayers in the perfect way. Congratulations!