Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Furniture!!!!

Russ and I went to Albuquerque three weeks ago and purchased a living room set that was on sale for Memorial Day weekend. Part of the set was FINALLY delivered today. The set includes an L-shaped couch, a love seat, a coffee table and two side tables. 

Unfortunately, the L-shaped couch hasn't been delivered to my mountain yet because it's on back order. :(

I love the nubby khaki upholstery!

These pictures make it look like my living room is really put together, hahaha, not a prayer.  But I'm not including pictures of that. :)

Roxy and Pirate love the new seating!

Crazy puppy right after his bath. *Please ignore the green demon eyes*

Before Pirate was allowed to get on the couch, I had to give him a bath.  We ran out of doggie bath soap last weekend, so he now smells like White Citrus, yum!

Here he is taunting Roxy with the tennis ball. :)

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