Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More OKC Trip

On Sunday, I met up with some of my good friends to hang out.  I went over to my SchoebNatts' house. (It's our last names combined - my maiden name and her last name - given to us our sophomore year of high school.)

This is Holly's new puppy, Tonks.  She has the most precious overbite and she's so tiny I can hold her in one hand. I'd steal her and keep her for myself if I thought Roxy wouldn't eat her.

After hanging out with my friends, I got to see my seester.  She had been at a church retreat all weekend but as soon as she came home, she got to be my chauffeur. :) I didn't want to drive her car because it said "Senior Woman" and people already think I'm 17.... 

Here's Becca with her boyfriend, Clinton.  This is the conversation they were having:
Becca - You're not very comfortable.
Clinton - You're sitting on my shins....

This picture is better upside down. Promise.

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