Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend: Part 2

Saturday morning, the family came to see Los Alamos. First, they were all very complimentary of my partially furnished home (thanks!) and then Russ took everyone for a drive around where he works.

Becca laughing so hard she has to do the potty dance. :)

We picked up lunch from Ruby K's, a bagel sandwich shop, and ate by Ashley Pond. The food was delicious and we were all very happy to eat it quickly because that prevented the wind from blowing it into our laps. :)

You can barely tell but Becca is squirting water out from between her teeth. Isn't she talented?!?

Our next stop was the Bradbury Science Museum. It had some very interesting exhibits about the Manhattan Project and nuclear energy.

Hey Daddy!

The museum showed a video, "Los Alamos, the Town that Never Was," about the history of the Manhattan Project and how the scientists who worked on it disappeared from their normal lives into the New Mexico mountains until the project was completed. Everyone who lived in Los Alamos during that time had the same mailing address in Santa Fe and every baby who was born here had the same information.

The museum also had a room of puzzles, love it!

No idea why she's holding her nose.

 I couldn't figure out this puzzle....

Russ and James were spinning this ball to make the soap and water inside look like storm clouds. Neat!

I like her!

Next, Russ, James and I took a drive through Los Alamos before heading back to Santa Fe. Our first stop was the Black Hole, unfortunately, they're closed on Sundays. This is a shop that sells old equipment and furniture from the lab.

This is the Black Hole Church next to the store.

And then we made stop by the grocery store to get drinks before the 45 minute drive to the city.

Purple Stuff.. It's supposed to calm you down while focusing your mind... I didn't drink it but the can reminded me of Willy Wonka.

Pretty! (Taken from the car as we were driving.)

More Memorial Day weekend to come later. Blessings!

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