Friday, August 20, 2010

The Los Alamos County Fair

After I finished up with the parade and Russ had gotten cleaned up from his bike ride, we went to Ashley Pond to check out the fair.

There were tons of people wandering around looking at the different booths and exhibits.

There were five bounce houses and three rafts taking kids across the pond. So awesome! This was another one of those moments when I wished I was still a kid and could go play with all the fun stuff.

This was one of my favorites! It was the booth for the local dance studio, which does full blown ballets every year. They did "Alice in Wonderland" this last spring and that's Alice's dress hanging from the right corner of the tent and the Queen's dress on the mannequin in the right corner of the pic.

This contraption was making home-made ice cream, super nifty!

And this is where I got a delicious margarita-flavored sno cone. The only bad part was that there was a lot of naked ice towards the bottom.....

Overall, lots of fun and we enjoyed getting to know the town a little bit more.

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