Thursday, August 19, 2010

Everyone Loves a Parade!

This last weekend I helped with the Los Alamos County Parade for work and you know what they gave me!?! 

A megaphone!

I was responsible for making sure that all the participants stayed in their appropriate order as the parade began. It was very exciting! :)

Here are the few pictures I got of parade participants. (I didn't get them all because I was VERY busy talking into my megaphone. :)

The fire brigade.

Russ had gone out on bike ride instead of coming to watch with me and as soon as I saw the fire engines, I knew he'd be jealous.

The local radio station.

An Arabian horse and rider.

More horses, this time with cowboys.

Some very funny motorcyclists.

And the local theater's cast of "Suessical."

Just hearing them sing pulled at my musical lovin' heart-strings.  (Right after we moved, I did email about auditioning but I'd missed them by a couple weeks. Boo.)

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