Friday, August 13, 2010

OKC weekend - We already miss it

Sunday was pretty low-key. We went to church and then back to my parents' for lunch.

Here's my friend Kate (we've known each other since sixth grade and for all of middle school and high school we took dance and went to church together). She actually lives in Paris, France right now and happens to be visiting home for the month of August. What a lucky coincidence!

Becca helped me wrangle my pups for a photo in my parents' backyard because, even with the triple-digit Oklahoma heat, they've made it beautiful!

They held still for this one millisecond. :)

Please excuse the yellowness of the picture, it was taken with my phone.

I love her to the end of the universe and back. AND, I need her in my life because, otherwise, I would have no idea what drink to order at Starbucks (Passion Fruit Lemonade Iced Tea).

We had missed Braum's burgers and ice cream so much. On our way into Oklahoma we grabbed dinner from Braum's and on our way out we grabbed milkshakes. :)

This is the sunset that greeted us shortly after we crossed the New Mexico state-line. God paints the sky so pretty!

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