Wednesday, August 11, 2010

OKC Weekend - Time with Friends

Saturday afternoon, Russ and I went over to the house of my good friends Holly and Hillary.

We had margaritas and fruit snacks and just sat around to catch up.

Here Hillary is expressing her extreme distaste for my need to take lots of pictures.
I've missed them so much! Both Hillary and Holly do all types of theater and I'm so excited that I will actually be able to see Holly's next show because it is the weekend that Russ is doing a triathlon in OKC!

I accidentally cut off most of Tonk's face. whoops.

Tonks really liked Russ. She cuddled up right next to his leg for almost the entire time we were there. :)

Russ' friend Stephen came over to hang out with us, too.

Unfortunately, the boys had done a bike ride earlier in the day and he was pooped.

Holly wanted to check and see if her carpet was as comfortable as Stephen seemed to think.
FYI: I love my friends.

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