Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fit to Serve

This last Saturday, we went to OKC to do the Fit to Serve 5k at Church of the Servant. 

Olivia moved her head but her hat and bow stayed in the same place, oops.

Russ ran the race like it was no big deal. It was only one week after the Redman, which was 70.3 miles total, and he still ran it in about 21 minutes (I'm not a runner so I can't remember the exact time, sorry).

Then he ran the course again to find me and Olivia. We were walking it with my mom, sister and godparents and we were all doing it at the "Olivia napping" pace. Very slow.

Olivia did get first in her age group and she beat me across the finish line by a booty. :)

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