Friday, May 28, 2010

Yay, Friday!

In just a little while, these attractive folks will be here! (Minus Andrew and Melissa, but we'll be with them in less then a month for their wedding!) My parents, sister, godparents and godbrother will be coming for the Memorial Day weekend and they'll be hanging out with us in Los Alamos and Santa Fe.

Becca will be the only one who actually stays with Russ, me and the dogs, the rest of the gang will be staying in a house they've rented (our little home only has one bathroom and if they'd all stayed here it would have taken FOREVER for all eight of us to get ready). 

I promise to take a bazillion pictures and to give all the details next week. :)

Also, this Sunday is Russ' 24th birthday (and our friends' Brock and Alisha's wedding anniversary).  I'm going to attempt to make the Pioneer Woman's Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever. It looks delicious and, hopefully, Russ will love it.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Stay safe and have fun!

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