Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seven Days Away from OKC

A week ago, we were driving away from OKC to New Mexico. We had stayed up late the night before packing because, like I said in my last post, we had A LOT more stuff then we realized.

We had originally thought that we could pack everything we needed into a U-Haul trailer attached to the back of Russ' truck. Boy, were we naive!  Fortunately, we were blessed to have Russ' dad volunteer to drive with us so that Russ could drive the U-Haul truck. Thank you!

It took us twelve hours with all the potty breaks, stops for gas and for food. Pirate rode with me in my little car and Roxy rode with Russ in the U-Haul truck. They both did great; napping most of the time and getting to be in the U-Haul truck together when we made stops, AND, Pirate only tried to crawl into my lap a few times during the trip. :) 

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