Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our First Nature Hike

As Russ is watching cycling on Verses, I want to share some picture from our hike today.

We thought there was a different path and, with Roxy leading the way, wandered around the neighborhood for a few minutes before walking back to the car to drive to a path we knew existed.

It was breathtaking! We took the easy path today because it was almost dinner and I was hungry.... We'll go back another day to hike the more intense zig-zagging path.

The dogs had a great time; they sniffed every rock, pine cone, stick and flower. Russ and I had to yank on their harnesses constantly to keep them moving. 

We're wanting to go on a lot more hikes, so, hopefully they'll get used to all the smells and won't keep to pull our arms out of socket.

Pirate's favorite way to enjoy nature. :)

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