Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leaving Los Alamos

Saturday we're moving back to Oklahoma. I can't quite express all of the emotions that this move has led me to feel. I'm so excited to be moving closer to our friends and family and I feel really good about Russ' new job and his happiness. But it does make me sad to be leaving the job I've had since last June. I've learned so much about what I'm capable of and what I can learn to do on the fly.  I've been blessed with wonderful co-workers who have taken a real interest in me and my family. I'm going to miss them and this job.

Here are some pictures of the last year in Los Alamos:




And there were a ton of things that we saw and did (and places we ate) that I didn't get pictures of.

We will always hold Los Alamos as a special place in our memories because it is where we did a lot of growing up and learning about ourselves. It's where we learned to be a couple without any family or friends near by. And it is where Olivia was first dreamt of. :)

P.S. I hate packing but Russ hates it even more, which has made the last week lots of fun as we've boxed up all of our belongings. (i.e. we've both been whiny.)


  1. Thank you to Los Alamos for being the place you could grow and learn so much about yourselves as a family of two. I am thankful God is bringing you home to Oklahoma to be a family of three! Welcome HOME! We love you!

  2. Looking at your beautiful pictures makes me miss my yearly trips to New Mexico. I'm glad you will be closer to home though when Olivia will arrive!