Wednesday, May 4, 2011

At 31 weeks...

Observations at 31 weeks:

  • I can still paint my toenails, shave my legs and tie my shoes. :)
  • I have to use the restroom every night between 2 and 3 a.m.
  • Stretching is my best friend! I feel like I'm always in some strange stretching pose that gets my face close enough to the floor that dogs want to investigate and lick my nose.
  • I can still get myself up off of the couch without help
  • I can still get myself up off of the floor without help
  • I haven't noticed a shift in my balance yet, and strangely enough, pre-pregnancy, I was much klutzier then I have been recently....
  • I can still hide Olivia and not look pregnant when I wear my fleece jacket (I know this because we almost dropped below freezing on Sunday)
  • For a community publication, I've been asked to write an article about eating for two, which is really funny because I'm literally the most boring eater ever... I'll do my best to make it interesting. :)

Olivia was gifted this as a hand-me-down from my cousin Brooke. Love it!

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  1. Me too! It is the BEST cheerleading outfit ever!