Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Quarter Century, Baby!!!

Today, Russ is 25 years old and I think it would be fitting for me to list 25 of the things I love about him:

  1. He still uses the Ninja Turtle alarm clock that I bought him at the beginning of college.
  2. He puts chocolate chips in his breakfast cereal.
  3. He lets me sit and chat with him while he shaves every morning.
  4. He drinks a Joe's cup of chocolate milk after every workout (that's 22 oz. and that's why we go through milk so quickly).
  5. He gets annoyed when someone misuses "good" when they should say "well." (That's my fault because I'm the grammar person. :)
  6. He gets excited about CAD drawings and sprinkler pipes.
  7. He loves and protects my sister like she was related to him by blood.
  8. He just smiles (and doesn't make comments) when I break out into spontaneous song and dance.
  9. He lets me read entire portions of different books to him out loud and then he'll discuss them with me.
  10. He reminds me everytime I drop my phone that that is why we have cases and phone insurance.
  11. He watches all of the Pixar movies with me.
  12. He loves to play with our dogs. 
  13. We have "our" friends, not "his" and "her" friends, and it makes it so much more fun to hang out and have game nights.
  14. He loves to grill (and he's REALLY good at it).
  15. He'll let me take tons of pictures of him even though he hates having his picture taken.
  16. He gets cranky if he hasn't worked out in a day or two.
  17. He loves to watch an Oklahoma thunder storm roll into the area.
  18. He thinks it's fun to watch my belly move as Olivia shifts around.
  19. He loves a good margarita on the rocks (no salt, which I like).
  20. He received a smoker for Christmas this last year and has created a really yummy rub for ribs.
  21. His sarcasm and wit (and ornery streak) always make life interesting.
  22. He has five bicycles and swears that there is always room for one more.
  23. He reads comic books and then we watch comic book movies. :)
  24. He wants us to be able to take lots of vacations throughout the coming years (yay!).
  25. His love and strength makes me a better person!
Happy birthday, my beloved!

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