Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Atomic Man Duathlon

On Sunday, Russ did the Atomic Man duathlon. He chose to do the Little Boy, which is the shorter race of the two offered that day because he didn't want to kill himself in training while the weather was still cold. This was definitely a good choice because it snowed off and on all day Sunday and the the temperature was between 33-38 degrees while he was racing... brr!

Sidenote: Since I'm 31 weeks pregnant and it's the beginning of May, I didn't have too many winter weather clothes that fit to cover me and Olivia. I had been pretty pleased that I have a July due date because that should mean tank tops and cotton skirts for the warmer weather.... not. Buh!

Russ got first in his age group, 8th out the 39 men who raced and 10th out of all 59 racers! Yay! So proud!

It snowed off and on all day yesterday and this is what our yard looked like by mid-afternoon. I know we need the moisture for the ground but, seriously? Snow in May?

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