Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Next Big Idea

One of the best things about my job is that I get to be involved in a ton of various activities! 

Last week, I spent Monday-Wednesday commuting to Santa Fe for Business Advisor training. (I could never commute on a regular basis, all you folks who do it amaze me!) And Thursday and Friday I helped with some prep work for a community-wide event, The Next Big Idea.

Here are the tents all set up and ready for the exhibitors.

Balloons make every event more festive.

The event had several different science and technology exhibitors; there were remote-controlled robots, water rockets, a Prius that could park itself, holographic jewelry, a mind-flex game (where you could control a little ball being blown over a board with your mind) and lots of fun food vendors.

There was also a volleyball game with a giant beach ball. This was lots of fun but the ball kept knocking down the net and it made it hard to keep playing.  Overall, I was super impressed that they could even serve a ball that big because it was heavy!

With all the fun exhibits geared towards kids (making silly putty, shooting water rockets, moving a little ball with their mind) the balloons were still a HUGE hit! :)

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