Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Living room is (Almost) Complete!

My in-laws visit this last weekend gave me the motivation to get my living room almost all put together.

I put up curtains with Russ' help.

Put a new tablecloth on my kitchen table.

My parents took some sunflowers from Marcy's funeral to send with Russ' parents for me. I love sunflowers.

The side table on the left is a substitute for a fig tree in a beautiful glazed pot that I have yet to find/purchase.  My dad has had one since he was in college and I want to bring that into my home.

This cabinet was in my bedroom at my parents' house. It used to be covered in dance stuff, Beanie Babies and books and now it's covered in wine glasses, dessert bowls and dishes.

Now I need to figure out what and where I want to hang pictures and finish the rest of the house. :)

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  1. It all looks so beautiful! You have done a great job of putting together your new home! We are so proud of you both!!