Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Early Anniversary Gift!

Since we moved into our house in Los Alamos, I've been saying that I wanted an elliptical machine.  It is my favorite way to get a cardio workout if I can't dance. Russ chose to get me one for our upcoming anniversary!

We drove to Santa Fe to purchase it from Sears. (We didn't know where the Sears was before yesterday, now Russ is very happy to have found it because he loves to look at all of the tools.)

The box weighed 200 lbs and had LOTS of parts.  Fortunately for me, my Super Husband is very handy and was able to get it done in an hour. (I promise, I helped.)

Here's our audience. The doggies were watching us from beside the cooler. :)

Look at that beautiful machine all put together!

I love him! 

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