Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

Friday: We were both off work. :) We relaxed, watched the Tour de France, relaxed some more and did a little laundry.

Please ignore the crazy curl sticking out of my head, my hair has a mind of its own, haha.

That evening we drove to Albuquerque to have a nice dinner and see the national tour of "Beauty and the Beast." This is my favorite Disney movie and I've seen the musical on tour twice.  I love it!

Unfortunately, Google Maps took us to the wrong side of town and we ended up 40 minutes late to the show. 

It was alright but we missed one of the funniest songs ; Gaston asking Belle to marry him. :) Here's another of my favorites! It's Belle singing right after she become the Beast's prisoner, it's beautiful.

Saturday: We chilled. 

And watched the Tour de France.

And Russ played Ratchet and Clank while I read "The Shack." (I cannot recommend this book enough.  If anyone would like to discuss it, I'm your woman. :)

Sunday: Our First Anniversary! Russ did an Olympic distance triathlon.

We got up at 4 am to leave by 5 am for Cochiti Lake. We brought the dogs and while Russ was stretching in the bed of the truck, Roxy got to be his look-out. 

Here all the racers are gathering for the 1500 meter swim to start.

Russ biking onto the 40 K course.  He said that this was a great ride, not as many hills and steep inclines as Los Alamos.

The dogs and I went to the truck while Russ was biking.

I think getting up at 4 am made them tired.

Here he is finishing the 10 K run. He did the race in 2 hours and 31 minutes.

Third place in his age group! (He would have placed in the age group above him, too!)

She thinks she's a lap dog....

When we got home, it was time for the infamous wedding cake.  Russ was not enthused. He loves cake, especially wedding cake, and freezing it for an entire year was a terrible idea in his opinion.

He ate it anyway. :) The frosting didn't freeze well and fell of the cake almost as soon as we cut into it but the cake tasted good. 

We went and saw "Despicable Me" after that and ended up receiving one of our tickets for free! We were the 50th customer and that was the prize. Awesome! (Also, this movie is very cute and funny.)

Yay being married a year!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Anniversary!

  2. You two are seriously the cutest couple ever. I love that you have fun adventures and are obviously so in love and supportive of each other! I agree with the hubby though--freezing a delicious wedding cake is a crazy idea! :)Love you!