Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Seester-in-law Came to Visit!

Russ' sister, Sabrina, came to visit us last weekend.  She had spent her entire summer the San Francisco Bay area and we were her first stop on her way back to OKC.

Here Sabrina is trying out the 3-D TV at Best Buy when Russ was looking around at all of the different televisions. (Did you know that some TVs can't come up to certain elevations...? They could explode.)

Russ made us maple bacon and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast Sunday. Yum!

Later that afternoon, we went to the Los Alamos Library's Harry Potter exhibit. It was pretty interesting to see where JK Rowling got some of her inspiration.

Russ isn't the biggest Harry Potter fan, can't you tell?

Sabrina loves genetics and Harry Potter. :)

We had an awesome/relaxing time with her.  Too bad it rained almost the entire weekend and we never got to go on a hike to the ski hill.

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