Monday, January 30, 2012

Seven months

Hello all, this has been, by far, the most difficult photo to capture - Olivia was completely interested in the dogs and in Piglet but definitely not interested in me.  Fortunately, she was in a great mood and every time I rolled her back onto her back she gave me a giant grin.

Seven. months. old. How did this happen? 

I'd like to say: "Shut up! You take that back!" (Which is exactly what I told Russ a week ago when he told me that Olivia was starting to tuck her knees under her and rock.)

My sweet girl has grown a ton over the last month. She finally learned to roll over her right shoulder (she'd been a master of the left shoulder since Thanksgiving) and this new skill has made her a force to be reckoned with. We have reached mobility and, thus, we've begun baby-proofing.

She also likes to tuck her bottom up into the air but she hasn't pushed up with her arms at the same time yet... I know it's coming soon.

Olivia loves to laugh. Sometimes it's just a little baby giggle and sometimes it is a full on belly laugh. She'll giggle any time we lean in and give her cheeks and neck kisses and she thinks having her tummy  tickled is hilarious. 

Olivia loves to play with her toys. She will very deliberately pick up whichever one has caught her interest and, then, she'll put it right into her mouth if it will fit. She really likes to chew on fabric - Piglet's ears, her burp cloths, my hoodie drawstrings, etc. I know that sensation weirds some people out, but it's her favorite.

She loves bathtime. In the last week, she has learned that there are extra toys right outside of her tub and she will lean over the side reaching for them.  She also really likes to roll onto her tummy while in there, which means that Russ is frequently grabbing her before she dunks her face into the water. (I can't express how grateful I am that he loves to be in charge of bathtime. Just listening to the two of them melts my heart.)

Olivia loves to eat. Nursing is still her favorite but she eats applesauce, avocado, pears, bananas, carrots, peas, green beens, rice cereal, oatmeal and she's tried cream of wheat. So far, the only food that has been a big no-go is sweet potato, we've tried it two separate times and it hasn't gone over well either time.  I'm working on getting more variety into her diet but I'm still making all of her food myself and it can be kind of overwhelming to pick out and prepare all of these different items. We are about to try some different types of meat: chicken, turkey, beef.... Hopefully it will be a "yum."

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