Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maybe separation anxiety?

Yesterday morning, I tried to attend a Bible study at church. I thought this would be a good choice for mine and Olivia's social skills. I made it through half the class before I got a text from the nursery saying that Olivia needed to see me. 

I quickly walked down the hall. I could hear her screaming - she was red in the face and wouldn't even think about calming down for the sweet nursery worker. I picked her up and she immediately stopped crying. I knew she was tired but, unlike the four beautiful babies asleep in the nursery, she wasn't having any of that. 

Picture from a different time when she got upset.

I decided to go ahead and just take Olivia home. She wasn't crying/screaming anymore but still shuddering a little bit. I tried to put her in her seat but she started to wind up and get red in the face again. I picked her back up and carried the seat. (Olivia then decided to chew on the name tag I had on my scarf.... Now, I think there's name tag permanently stuck to it.)

We're happy when we're well rested.

I'm going to try again next week. Hopefully Olivia's morning nap will last right until I'm loading her into her car seat and I will get a full two hours at church. **Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.**

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